[testimonial name=”Joanie and Jim Hammer” gender=”male” company=”Bridger Mountains, MT” link=”” target=”_self”]Beth was the perfect person to take on our property project because of our location, meeting all of our requirements for keeping it native, self-sustaining, and blending into the neighboring forest and grasslands. Beth’s responsiveness to our requests, her attention to detail, and her knowledge of native plants was impressive. Working with Beth was not only a pleasure but resulted in a very successful collaboration of Beth and ourselves.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Mary and Brian MacDonald” gender=”male” company=”Great Horn Ranch, Big Sky, MT” link=”” target=”_self”]Beth’s strength is that she is a great listener, and has great vision. There were many things that needed to be tied together-ponds, terraces, pathways, stone walls, waterscapes, and she brought them all together in a very natural way. We started with a blank page and Beth helped us create not only the hardscape but also several garden areas and water features. We wanted something totally low maintenance, organic and natural. What we have is fantastic and feels like it’s been here forever. Beth is a great team player. There were many people involved in our project, and she interfaced well with all of the parts of our “puzzle”. Her knowledge of plant material is broad. Also, she is very mindful of sticking within the budget and giving options. The vision that Beth laid out for us absolutely came to light. We have exactly what we wanted – something very natural that fits perfectly with our house design and our property. We continue to use Beth as we expand, we would definitely use her on any future project, and we highly recommend her to future clients.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Gary Kachadurian” gender=”male” company=”Gallatin Gateway” link=”” target=”_self”]First of all Beth is an expert in plant species. She is in tune with the location of where she is planting so that plants, trees and flowers will survive and thrive. Our home is at an elevation of 5300 feet and plants react differently than at 4000 feet. With Beth you get personal attention. And when she does have to subcontract any services, she oversees those services continually. She does not sub it out and disappear. Beth has the vision of the future of her plantings on the property. She can see how they will be spaced, relate to each other and not fight for tight areas or fight for water. Beth has a very calm and pleasant attitude to boot and so does her dog! There is never any tension in her , and she responds quickly. Always a smile and happy to be doing something she enjoys versus treating it as a “job”….. Good landscaping, to us, means keeping plantings natural and not created. Beth’s eye takes in the surroundings and fits her work to what is existing. Nice combination. [/testimonial]

[testimonial name=” Greg & Jeannie” gender=”male” company=”Ennis, MT” link=”” target=”_self”]Working with Beth was great. She was reliable, responsive and accountable. The vision of our project came to life with her input and design. Under her direction the project was completed on time, on budget and to our satisfaction. We will gladly use Beth again for any future projects.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Elyse and Bill End” gender=”male” company=”Belgrade, MT” link=”” target=”_self”]

We have beautiful gardens surrounding our Belgrade, Montana home thanks to the work we have done with Beth MacFawn Landscape Design, Inc!! Having moved here from the East coast, we were unfamiliar with plant materials that would do well in this part of the country. We approached Beth to develop a plan for us using native plant materials that are beautiful and hearty and really enhance our site. As important as her knowledge about the plants and where they would do well ​, ​​has been her skill in installing and maintaining the beds. Accordingly, proper soil preparation and planting have resulted in flowers and plants that have grown hugely in size and beautifully filled in the spaces. There is something interesting going on in the gardens throughout the season from May through the fall. Maintaining the beds several times throughout the summer keeps them looking their best.

We have enjoyed working with Beth and her staff and would highly recommend them. We look forward to ongoing work with her.