Formal Vegetable Garden

This formal vegetable garden was designed around the owners desire to grow and harvest their own fruits and vegetables.  Based on the “Square Foot Gardening” book by Mel Bartholomew, Beth designed 7 raised 4’x4’ planters, built out of cedar, and utilized granite block as a toe kick.  She also incorporated a longer planter to be used as a moon garden. The granite was obtained from an old quarry on Homestake Pass, outside Butte.

This large, 55 square foot, enclosed vegetable garden provides an oasis in the desert, with pathways, ample garden spaces for apple trees, raspberries, strawberries, peas, asparagus, peppers, greens, tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, lilacs, roses and spring bulbs.  A custom designed deer/rabbit proof fence was installed to prevent wildlife from enjoying the ample produce, and compost bin was built within the garden.

Custom greenhouse covers were built to extend the growing season, in spring and autumn.

This location can be very windy and extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the growing season, so these double walled polycarbonate frames protect and provide additional warmth for seedlings.  The two sided roof of greenhouse covers fold down, and the opposite sides can be removed during the hot summer months.