Project: Big Hole River Residence

This was a collaborative effort between owners, architect and installers.  Located along the Big Hole river this project was installed in phases throughout a few years, as the buildings were completed.   I used native Aspen and Cottonwoods, taking advantage of the high water table.  The owners wanted fresh cut flowers, and appreciated the Montana textures, which allowed for an abundant use of perennials, and native shrubs throughout the planting beds.  This project included creating an outdoor gas BBQ area, and patios, transitioning between different outdoor areas of the home.

Years later, I designed and had built and large 55 square foot enclosed vegetable garden.  I utilized granite block from an old quarry outside Butte, as the toe kicker for the raised redwood garden planters, created paths, raspberry and strawberry patches, and had a compost bin built, based on a model from MSU Extension.

15 years later, I am still assisting in the garden maintenance of this project, and am rewarded yearly as I visit this project and see its success.

Photos by Gordon Gregory