Native Plantings

Native plants are genetically adapted to our unique landscapes, are less invasive than non-native species, and celebrate our natural heritage, inspiring a sense of place. Planting natives can assist in restoring local ecosystems, and provide shelter and food for wildlife.

Beth’s passion for using native plants in design work stems from her profound delight in Montana’s varied landscapes, from beautiful coniferous mountains to stunning prairies, to fascinating, multi-layered river bottoms. Each has its own textures, colors, movements, ecosystems and habitats, which requires an understanding of how to work with our elevation, precipitation, winds, and soils.

Beth often collects wildflower and grass seed on site for propagation at a local nursery. The seedlings are then reintroduced on the property/project.  This site-specific seed sourcing guarantees species hardiness, ensuring the plants will thrive in the selected environment. This is especially important for high elevation properties.

Reintroduction of vegetation that thrived on the property prior to construction disturbance can be a delightful challenge: Beth once hired a tree spade company to transplant large sagebrush back to a disturbed construction site, re-establishing a significant source of natural beauty.

Beth has shared her knowledge and experience of successful native landscape designs during speaking engagements at the Montana Nursery & Landscape Association, as well as with state chapters of the Montana Native Plant Society.