2011: At Home

Image of magazine cover for At Home magazine.Landscape designer Beth MacFawn, of Beth MacFawn Landscape Design, actually went out on the property before any digging took place and mapped out the areas where each species of wildflower grew, where the larger granite rocks had been, and then dug up the flowers to be replanted after the house was finished.
“If you go on the Middle Cottonwood trail you can see those flowers here,” Jim says, pointing to a hillside resplendent in yellow clouds of arrowleaf balsam root. The buttery flowers pop up in sections all around the home.

“From May to October something is always blooming,” Jim says, taking a seat in a deck chair. “We always seem to have color out here. And one thing I didn’t want to do was mow a lawn. We wanted the land to return to its natural state.”
The Hammers do trim and prune limbs, replanting the bushes nibbled on by the deer, but they stick to the plan and keep it true to the natural environment.

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