Project Description

MacDonald Residence

Beth’s desire to create a low maintenance, natural landscape design within this high elevation mountain setting included a collaborative team effort with owners, architect, pond and stream company, builder and landscape installer.

Beth incorporated a water feature, which she named a “weeping wall”, inspired by her walk to Ousell Falls which is located below this property.

Taking advantage of the grade changes allowed a natural design through the use of moss rock retaining boulders, and moss rock treads for pedestrian traffic.

Beth utilized native plants for the majority of the landscape, creating native seed mixes for the disturbed areas, and a hot tub set in the ground, locating it along the custom stream.  The origination pool of the stream was created to mimic water weeps, using large moss rock stones along the edge.

Beth worked with a tree spade company to transplant large sagebrush from an existing meadow, into a disturbed area caused by construction.