Project Description

The Brown Building is located in the northeast side of Bozeman, the “eclectic/funky” side of town.  This new building used a variety of new and re-used building materials and I wanted to extend that look in the landscape design.

My sustainable design approach not only incorporated native shrubs, grasses, and perennials, to create abundance colour, and textures throughout the season, but also utilized recycled concrete for the patio.   I added a few pieces of old concrete within a new concrete pour, adding some funkiness of this area.

My clients were supportive of my idea to use a sculpture from a local artist who lives and works down the street.  I’d passed Zak Zakovi’s unique sculptural yard for years and I’d been waiting for a project like the Brown Building to suggest its use.  This is a large wind mobile, so be sure to give him a spin if you pass by!

This building was awarded Best New Commercial Building in 2004, by the Bozeman Beautification Board.